26 January 2013

the birth of a beast

Simon's unstoppable in the workshop at the moment, here's his 40% ASG scalie scratch build

impressive is an understatement!


 white foam / pink foam compression test under vacuum; Simon's first
fuselage plug collapsed under 7psi.....oh how he laughed!

we're not sure if the button nose hooter is 100% scale

the invaluable hot box for ensuring that the resin sets
in the subzero conditions, here's a quick demo.....

16 January 2013

t-shirt weather

back when it was warm.....

06 January 2013

new year's day

Sun, sangers and soaring up on Wye Downs provide an ideal start to the year....

 rigging the boys' toys in the lane

the south western face....lots of flooding down on the flat lands

a delightful passer by snaps a few shots of these two saddos out playing with their toy planes-
wingnut to the left, Mr toasty head on the right

Elvis has left the building and hiked up the hill!

from the ridiculous to the sublime and then back to the ridiculous-
Radian with under wing camera mount and Race-M,
then a sloppy dog turd with stick marker alert in immediate foreground

we were rather surprised to find the wind was WNW for most
of the afternoon, but it was still flyable!