29 October 2012


Bumpy and cold at a blowy Firle....

24 October 2012

out of the gloom

The autumn flying drought continues, but Eric and Simon report back from an age long past, an epoch which lasted all of about forty eight hours; The British Summer!

Baldock readies itself for a day of aero towing

 Fox's flat field flight fettle

 radio fettle

failed servo fettle

 the starting grid

 men looking up

Jef's sortie was a-ok

but his Minimoa looks rather mini all of a sudden

joiner envy

load test leads to haemorrhoid rupture

Simon aspires to be part of the infamous 'Ghost Squadron'

15 October 2012

the longman long walk

we arrive to find nil wind

Paul lands out and undergoes an epic walk of shame. Back on the summit
he gives up, lays back and indulges in the day's third
session of testicular self examination

the hoards of paragliders at Firle evade enemy surveillance

 the sky's free for Simon

 off with the Luna

 onto the Skop'

 finishing with the twin Kestrels

 on approach

ready for a Longman stab 

 Mr Yakimoto from Okinawa is visiting for the day, coincidentally he also flies a Skorpian

meanwhile back at the car park, Simon is just about to mark his territory
when he notices something in the bushes

now some people may consider foamies are only worth urinating on, but not these chaps...

she's coming home with us; that is unless anyone
wants to claim it as a lost model !

13 October 2012

work and weather

The glorious art of slope soaring has been rather curtailed of late in the Goodwind camp, rest assured that normal service will be resumed over the next week or so.....thank you for your patience.

03 October 2012

sunday delivers

the ultimate bumper sticker

 good to see Jason and the Needle...it's on everyone's wish list!

Limit at the ready 

conditions are too blustery though

Pilatus at the ready

off she goes...

over the strip

a bit of colour in the gloom

to infinity and beyond!