29 May 2013

the glory of spring!

 An impromptu visit to Firle means we're treated to the company of
several other jolly visitors...

Jim smells rain....

ignore the approaching downpour; let's fly!

Barry treats us all to a flash of leg

we're trying desperately to make this look like a wonderful spring weather shot

Salto gets maidened despite the clag

Paritech arrive!

mostly German quality plastic...

and some Blue Airlines produce

too much gloom....back to the carpark 

a van that every glider guider would love to see arrive at his house!

rear ending this vehicle would result in a seriously expensive
insurance claim! 

round the other side the Blue Nun flows freely

Fox looks foxy at half scale!

checking the forecast

'I vood love to stay, but your English weather ist sheiBe!'

footage to follow at some point

14 May 2013

Saturday off the slope...

A day of manly activities on Saturday with the first stage of installing the spar caps 
in Simon's mighty ASG wing...

note shot gun on the wall just in case things go horribly wrong
....it will also be on standby for the maiden to take care of incompetent launchers

 the all seeing eye watches as its limbs take shape on the floor nearby....

just to give you an idea of scale.....

a very pleasing junction

template in place for hot wiring the spar cap slots

rolling out the black gold

Airbus had to halt works due to a shortage of carbon

every aerospace project needs a hammer and some nails

fondling naked carbon

and to top it all he pulls another slope babe out of the bag!

08 May 2013

glider love

There are some slope babes who are just too classy for the perv's gallery!
Regardless, Simon's scratch built 40% ASG is looking mighty impressive!

05 May 2013

more of the mighty 'peep

The first warm session of the year at this premier slope site. Sun, wind and LGRA....what more could a die hard sloper ask for?




and there in the bushes lurks something else....

there it is....

man retrieves....

it seems the Schwing had a coming together with the nearest planet.....at speed

merely a flesh wound 

Simon dares to touch the iconic '27
see its starring role in the Channel 5 ident below...

.....under the bonnet all possible disasters have been pre-empted

love tanks full to the brim!.....footage below