14 May 2013

Saturday off the slope...

A day of manly activities on Saturday with the first stage of installing the spar caps 
in Simon's mighty ASG wing...

note shot gun on the wall just in case things go horribly wrong
....it will also be on standby for the maiden to take care of incompetent launchers

 the all seeing eye watches as its limbs take shape on the floor nearby....

just to give you an idea of scale.....

a very pleasing junction

template in place for hot wiring the spar cap slots

rolling out the black gold

Airbus had to halt works due to a shortage of carbon

every aerospace project needs a hammer and some nails

fondling naked carbon

and to top it all he pulls another slope babe out of the bag!


  1. I love the way Simon makes the slope babes rest the nose of his ship on their foot, the grass must be too harsh for it?


    1. I think it's more of a foot fetish thing he's got going on to be honest Martin!

  2. Its got a tow release in the nose so I don't want to (err how do I put this?) get dirt up her tube!.....