29 May 2013

the glory of spring!

 An impromptu visit to Firle means we're treated to the company of
several other jolly visitors...

Jim smells rain....

ignore the approaching downpour; let's fly!

Barry treats us all to a flash of leg

we're trying desperately to make this look like a wonderful spring weather shot

Salto gets maidened despite the clag

Paritech arrive!

mostly German quality plastic...

and some Blue Airlines produce

too much gloom....back to the carpark 

a van that every glider guider would love to see arrive at his house!

rear ending this vehicle would result in a seriously expensive
insurance claim! 

round the other side the Blue Nun flows freely

Fox looks foxy at half scale!

checking the forecast

'I vood love to stay, but your English weather ist sheiBe!'

footage to follow at some point

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