30 March 2013


ever get half way to the slope and wonder that you might have left a crucial component at home?

25 March 2013

Need a fix?........so does the weather!

11 March 2013

going down on holly

there's a mouldie down here somewhere.....

there she is!

05 March 2013

Bopeep last week

Last Thursday's slacking session up on the mighty 'peep....

This lorry single handedly brought the South East
to a standstill by parking across all three lanes of the M20 

Rob and the Eedo

No chance of sneaking up behind Graham today

"This isn't the glider you're looking for"

 Pilot had some alternative literature today
Pete added other cockpit detail including-

pile of clumped together tissues in foot well
1/4 scale bottle of baby oil in glove box
crusty patch on inner thigh of trousers (simply achieved with a few drops of zap-a-gap) 

 the nearest we got to a flying shot
Graham's superb performer 'Gold (Le) Fish'

03 March 2013

great shame at greatstone

A sneaky couple of hours in the sea air today. Unfortunately the wind was east of north east
so the prepubescent gnat bite of a slope was barely working at all....

beach landing is best

 'I'll catch it!' 'No, me! let me get it!' 'It's my turn!' etc etc...for some reason it needs to be done in a zombie voice

in the interest of slope soaring and common sense I chose to ignore this

what strange warm bright object in the evening sky beckons forth?