30 December 2011

New Year's Eve I believe

 Eric dishes out some mulled wine, what a jolly decent chap

 Jeff's Calypso flies like a treat
once again proving weight is your friend (in certain situations)

 Jason and the Alex

 lookie likie suggestions please

 no need to crap yourself, it's only a foamie

 salute the Nazi secret weapon flyover

 goes on forever in ground effect

 cheeky little number from John

the sun goes down on another sloping year

odds and ends

David's Eagle from earlier in the year, didn't fly on the day due to an unfavourable ratio of mass to lift. Hopefully we'll see a successful flight in 2012

Fox day

It's all been a bit of a blur over the last week or so. Pretty sure this was the Wednesday before Christmas. Simon flew the Fox (see video) then rain stopped play....the least interesting blog entry of the year no doubt.

23 December 2011

seasons greetings

for our final advent instalment we sink to predictable depths

nearly there thank the lord!

On the eleventh day of Christmas we have a PSS theme...

21 December 2011

tedious ten

On the tenth day of Christmas Goodwind sent to me.....

20 December 2011

day nine cometh

On the ninth day of Christmas Goodwind sent to me....

19 December 2011

day eight

On the eighth day of Christmas Goodwind sent a blog entry sadly lacking in any festive theme...

18 December 2011

seventh day

On the seventh day of Christmas Goodwind sent to me....

17 December 2011

day six

On the sixth day of Christmas Goodwind sent to me.....

16 December 2011


On the fifth day of Christmas Goodwind sent to me....

15 December 2011

go forth

On the fourth day of Christmas Goodwind sent to me....

the turd day

on the turd day of Christmas Goodwind sent to me....

14 December 2011


on the second day of Christmas Goodwind sent to me....

13 December 2011

advent number 1

On the first day of Christmas Goodwind sent to me.....

12 December 2011

birthday bbq

Lots of love on the slope this Sunday, a good turn out despite the miserable start to the day.

bbq birthday boy brandishes blow lamp (Mrs Leebert photo)

Jason comes in to land

...moments later, he does indeed land in a Batman's villainous arch enemy stylee

now in his 40th year, Paul gazes into the flames and ponders a future of rudder elevator floaters more becoming of a senior slope gent (Pete W photo)

hells bells! the cow shed's burning!!

Bob and Alan rush to investigate

ahh so that's where the party is!

Pete is non plussed by Ray's new mooch tache

Simon has it under control

they booked a 'spirited sucking call girl from Steps' stripper gram, but got a 'spirit supping Mongol from the Steppes' instead

but Mr and Mrs Leebert more than make up for it with a superb card signed by all (Mrs Leebert photo)

they send their love to you all too

Ray ignores Charlie

Bob and Eric ignore Ray


come on ladies and gentlemen...haven't you got homes to go to?

29 November 2011

splendid thursday

quality hill clutter

rigging the beast

Simon does his best to mask the premaiden anxiety

a real man's foamie

slope side bromance

Rob sends his love to you all

good to see Mr Leebert on the hill again

something is about to be born from an egg on a mountain top

the tedium of another sun set shot