19 February 2017

abort! abort!

As we all know, there are times when slope soaring can prove to be the most frustrating pastime known to man or beast.

Add the vagaries of UK winter weather into the mix, and it doesn't take long for even the most casual of glider guiding enthusiasts to develop hairy palms.

It's times like these that find some of us turning to substitutes
which others may consider to be not entirely wholesome...

It doesn't seem to signal the lift very well at all....

Eric is quite taken with the manner in which it beats the air into submission!

Though it appears that Simon is going take a little more convincing.

15 February 2017

screw in the sky

Monday before last, Charlie was checking up on everyone from
the comfort of his private jet.....where were you all?

09 February 2017

a bit of power

When the wind fails to cooperate for an
extended period, it's time to
consider the alternatives....

1:1 powered scale anyone?

77 years ago

Thurnham 1940

Thurnham 2016 

05 February 2017

line of shite

A mad dash up to Thurnham first thing this morning to capture the drama of
mist hanging on the Downs.

A pre-flight assessment of the conditions show that the northerly breeze is blowing the clag away rapidly, so it's off with the Radian asap circling up through the hole in the fog flying line of sight only. The more initiated amongst you have probably guessed what was about to happen...

Here's the view looking back down toward the cow shed.

Looking back towards Detling and Maidstone. Hugging tightly within the bubble of clear airspace, gracefully cinematic sweeps captured the drama of the morning air, and then....

the mist closed in....

the Radian vanished....

Her final resting place....and to top it all
the camera battery died a minute and a half into the flight :-(

Today's subject for the North Downs debating society-
'Line of sight safer than FPV?- discuss'

Off to TJD tomorrow then....

02 February 2017

take it to the bridge

Not only are the Netherlands as flat as a witch's mammary gland, but last Tuesday they just happened to be just as cold as one too. Enough to stop even the most deranged slope enthusiast from committing aviation you might have thought?

Well it seems not.....

If you're after a hill in Holland, this is the best they have to offer.
Count yourself lucky the tide is out Paul, that's doubled the
height of the slope....for a limited time only!

a Radian, a shoreline and a motorway embankment
and we're in business!

with a bit of coaxing the Radian can be floated
up the embankment to the slightly stronger lift band.

the local soaring enthusiasts are friendly and helpful;
marking the way to the best lift with an outstretched beak

it's only then that we notice a much steeper slope
and so make a beeline for it....


...to be rewarded with the best lift of the day

fortune favours the brave

...dryness rewards the cautious!

and coastal air encourages proximity

'Hey Paul, has anyone ever told you that you look
just like Tom Cruise?' (when he has his
face reconfigured in Minority Report)

17 January 2017

Holly's heat on 13th Sept

Lodged deep in the depths of winter, the media is happy to inform us that we've just passed the most depressing day of the year. Exactly how and why this date bears such an unfortunate mantle is anyone's guess. Some would say that any day when it's not flyable would rate as the most depressing day of the year. Others claim a glider guider's misery is at its highest when the conditions are fabulous and one has to work. At the back end of the summer there was one such occasion when most of the country was locked into wage slave tedium, and a handful of lucky souls managed to slink away to enjoy the wonders of Holly's curves.....

Alan's kind enough to volunteer to be the day's transmitter support

Holly can be a cruel mistress

we managed one photograph of an airborne model!

did I mention she can be a cruel mistress?

maybe not quite as cruel as the audience though

The Bixler in the background looks rather attractive with its lumpy bit sliced off.
Can anyone out there i.d. the glider in the foreground?.....

curious minds need to know.....

16 January 2017

one small steppe

Checking out a post-industrial slope somewhere in the county.

full report and video to follow when conditions allow....

09 January 2017

mizzle misery

With current weather conditions preventing any decent flying, it's time to blow away the cobwebs with a stroll along the monochrome winter coast.

Amongst the flotsam there are some interesting aeronautical relics to be discovered...

no longer airworthy WW2 aluminium

full details of what this was once connected to when tide and time allow.....