05 December 2018

28 November 2018

heady days

August last, the sky never looked so blue, the grass so well groomed
and the bellies so full

This was the correct tool for the job; lightly loaded and a good insurance policy in the nose. 

We fried eggs on it.

Javelin launch with a 70 deg climb straight up to 250 metres immediately
after this photo was taken

Still didn't help.... like everything else without a motor on the day,
it ended in an outfield landing!

21 October 2018


A great maiden up on Bo Peep!

08 September 2018

and the award goes to....

Two strange new additions to the skyline at Thurnham....

What at first sight appears to be a mobile phone mast....

reveals itself to be two Gormley-esque spiky sculptures!
Work should be completed early next week.

A prize will be awarded for the first glider to be permanently impaled.

Perhaps we could speed our way to that event with a bit of pylon racing
around the two new erections. 

07 September 2018



new date- 15th Sept

06 September 2018

nostalgia day

A relaxed fly-in orientated around the more historic sloping designs....
subject to Friday's weather forecast-

Gentlemanly behaviour and proof of BMFA membership required.

29 August 2018

meanwhile in Wales....

Dusting off the 26+ year old Miniphase for a bit of very light (and very tightly buttocked) coastal soaring.
Loading the Go-pro on-board was a step too far in the marginal lift!

30 July 2018

soaring selection

Scrapings from the cutting-room floor.
Be warned- it's 18 minutes of your life that you'll never get back again!

25 July 2018


A good citizen was spotted today breaking a car window when he
noticed a Gentle Lady on the back seat with badly sagging Solarfilm.

Please stay aware in these extreme weather conditions
we are currently experiencing. Models need to be kept in their
natural environment, preferably in the cooler air of slope-side
lift or climbing out in a thermal to altitudes exceeding 400ft.