17 January 2017

Holly's heat on 13th Sept

Lodged deep in the depths of winter, the media is happy to inform us that we've just passed the most depressing day of the year. Exactly how and why this date bears such an unfortunate mantle is anyone's guess. Some would say that any day when it's not flyable would rate as the most depressing day of the year. Others claim a glider guider's misery is at its highest when the conditions are fabulous and one has to work. At the back end of the summer there was one such occasion when most of the country was locked into wage slave tedium, and a handful of lucky souls managed to slink away to enjoy the wonders of Holly's curves.....

Alan's kind enough to volunteer to be the day's transmitter support

Holly can be a cruel mistress

we managed one photograph of an airborne model!

did I mention she can be a cruel mistress?

maybe not quite as cruel as the audience though

The Bixler in the background looks rather attractive with its lumpy bit sliced off.
Can anyone out there i.d. the glider in the foreground?.....

curious minds need to know.....

16 January 2017

one small steppe

Checking out a post-industrial slope somewhere in the county.

full report and video to follow when conditions allow....

09 January 2017

mizzle misery

With current weather conditions preventing any decent flying, it's time to blow away the cobwebs with a stroll along the monochrome winter coast.

Amongst the flotsam there are some interesting aeronautical relics to be discovered...

no longer airworthy WW2 aluminium

full details of what this was once connected to when tide and time allow.....

03 January 2017

audience distribution

Looking at the recent audience distribution stats for the blog, it would
appear that much of the former Soviet Union is still eagerly
awaiting a date for Charlie's Christmas combat bash!

31 December 2016

last light

The last session of 2016....it's late, it's gloomy, but the hill is working....just!

maximum paraglider altitude

Eric has the tool for the job 

its beady eye is watching your every move

early effects of the new year celebrations  #nofilter

yes it really was this dark and miserable

(slope)police line, do not cross

Paul revs up for a fence line scratch around

he wasn't really going this fast...it's just the super slooooooow shutter speed
brought on by near darkness

He lands, and immediately has to wrestle his confiscated model
from a passing EASA officer (just out of shot) who tries to book Paul for
flying his 'UAV / drone' too high, too heavy, too close, etc etc.

Meanwhile Eric adheres strictly to the rules.

...and so there goes 2016

22 December 2016

xmas bash

As per last year, final date and location
to be announced here with as much
notice as possible. 

21 December 2016


It's with great sadness that we pass on the unexpected news that Les passed away recently. His enthusiasm was very much in the building side of the hobby, and he loved to pass on his knowledge as well as the fruits of his tinkering. It's good to know that a part of him will continue to live on in his numerous creations still being flown by others.

19 December 2016

vitamin d

even in today's midwinter gloom there's
sunshine up there......somewhere

05 December 2016

mental mig

Gary's Mig 15 with on-board hair dryer
from a few years back

28 November 2016

into the pit

Winter is officially (just about) with us. Here then is a quick reminder of the current time-scales
we're working to before things once again slowly start to improve...