26 June 2019

longest day 2019

Not the brightest of conditions to usher in the summer season

flowers on the mound to commemorate our lost and pulverised flying machines

Jeff on form depsite hayfever

slope side catering... very nice it was too! 

Gary necks a few in readiness to fly.....


nice selection of flying devices languishing in the grass

...and looking the other way


the wind is on the hill so it's time for....

(rush of blood to its head)

ended with a rush of the nearest planet to its face!

rock star!

Ready for another attempt and with a little lead
and a teak of differential settings, all was good.
In fact it was so good we forgot to record the event!

Does the longest day make for the longest shadows I wonder?

fast foamie pass from Charlie

it's time for the sunset fly-off...

hoping for more warmth in the near future

in the meantime the evenings start to draw in again!

23 June 2019

drastic park

A bit more nose weight and a little more differential got it flying
very nicely after the event!

17 June 2019

longest day


Alan's Ahi makes it onto the front page of KentOnline.

The Dakotas heard the rumour about how shocking
the lift actually is at Thurnham, and so headed for Blue Bell Hill instead!

09 May 2019

CAA registration proposals.... act NOW!


Good morning. We have a request directly from the BMFA's CEO, Dave Phipps.
Now that the BMFA has been granted a meeting with the new Aviation Minister, Baroness Vere of Norbiton, Dave has asked that the BMFA goes into the meeting knowing that all of our members have emailed Baroness Vere to air their concerns at the CAA's proposal.

The Baroness can be reached via - Baroness.Vere@dft.gov.uk
Please let her have your views about why you reject the proposal. Keep your emails polite but heartfelt, let's show the DfT exactly how the flying community feels and the impact the proposals will have.
Click on the links below for further information, the BMFA's thoughts on the proposal, and how to respond to the CAA's consultation. Please act now, do not put this off!
'United We Achieve'

18 April 2019

the day of dave

Long time no fly.... it's with some trepidation that we mount the
hill to find out if the brain to thumb connection is still valid....

Dave's back end is a bit hot.

He bundles up all the lift and saves
it for his next sortie.

A wing called Dave with a strange camera mount.

Eager to see the results, Dave slips the SD card into his clever
little adaptor.... we all forgot the camera has its own viewing screen!

Not Dave and his new wing.

We didn't manage to fry anything on it today.

'ello Dave

30 December 2018

cobwebs blown

A big thank you to Charlie for motivating us to get our turkey laden
backsides off the sofa and up the slope. A record turnout this year
with as many as 20 foamies in the air at one point.

Great to see a mix of regulars, old friends and new faces
(if the truth be told, maybe not so great to see some of the regulars).

lining up on the starting grid

With true British politeness, everyone waits their turn...

and queues patiently until.....

oh f##k it's a no deal slopexit!

point camera randomly in the sky and this is what you get....


The hearty thwak of foam on foam.

An exit poll indicated that 75% of the UK's total
slope soaring fraternity was in attendance. Let's see
if we can beat that next year!