06 September 2020

drawing in

There's that unmistakable evening chill in the air, the leaves are turning and we're soon to run out of evening flying sessions.

However slopehunter  reminds us that evening in the depths of winter, there is still some soaring to be had.... if you can navigate the mist that is! Here are some of his beautiful shots from the murky 2019 Christmas bash....

after a couple of hours of damp feet and chilly ears, blue
sky begins to break through the grey monotony

the familiar view gradually emerges....

but the classic high pressure conditions mean it's
out with the DLGs to get any decent airtime

below the model mincer

the right tool, old skool

and it doesn't even need an operator I.D. !

27 August 2020

like buses

What's that off in the distance? 

believe it or not, it's another Mini-phase

by sheer coincidence owner Tone dusted his off, recovered it and re-maidened it
last Tuesday

post flight report states that the decades of woodworm have led
to a much reduced auw

It still manages that distinctive Mini-phase whistle!

I wonder when the last time was that 2 of these little beasties
graced the South East slopes within a few days of one another?

20 August 2020

needs must


With this recent run of easterlies, one's hand is forced to venture further afield.

So here we have Warden Bay, a Mini-phase and a sound mirror and an easterly wind). 

24 June 2020

holly and cake

Impromptu sneaky post work session complimented with
cake from the spectators.... all exchanged with correct
social distancing of course!

11 April 2020

C19 relief 05

Back at the end of 2018 this happened.....

03 April 2020

C19 relief 04

Lloyd launches his 3 metre plank into bumpy air....

31 March 2020

C19 relief 02

Jeff and Dan upset the natives!

30 March 2020

C19 relief 01

A little something from the cutting room floor to relieve the boredom!

16 March 2020

meanwhile at Thurnham

Public service announcement live from the slope (filmed with a potato)...