26 September 2016

before they weren't famous pt 2

Ignoring the modeller of indeterminate gender on the cover, does
anyone recognise the Thurnham regular immortalised in black and white mid-launch?

lost and found

Anyone misplaced this?

Let me know if so. In the meantime it will languish in the lost property box alongside
a smelly black plimsoll, one pair of slightly soiled knickers and a decapitated kestrel.

25 September 2016

it's creeping up on us all...

Can't quite remember when this was....
but we had a full compliment of white planes!

Charlie checks his phone for any clues as to what he might have been doing 
last week, while Bob wants to make sure we get his sizeable willy bulge in the shot

Mark, as ever, is on form with his launches....

Simon comes through with a screaming pass and starts a roll for the crowd.
Refreshments, seating and toilet breaks were made available
during the manoeuvre which was finally completed just before nightfall.

Charlie's new addition to the fleet; a Pat Teakle Salto

It's a winner! Not as frantic to fly as some of the modern versions, but
still a solid, confidence inspiring machine. The mown patch invites
an irresistible opportunity for touch-and-goes and despite Paul's more
'abrupt' attempts, the wheel stays firmly in place!

08 September 2016

before they were no longer famous

As the Goodwind floor joists began to bow under the ever increasing weight of aeromodelling journalistic back issues,
it seemed like an opportune time to have a clear-out. Whilst consigning some of the dope splattered
history of pointless pastimes to the paper recycling skip in the sky,
I happened across some of Thurnham's usual suspects in resplendent,
front page technicolor looking back at us from an age long past.... 

dedicated to the pre-privatised monster from an age before email communication,
it is actual postie John looking like a young slip of a lad!

It's actual Eric P (or maybe J.R Hartly?) showing us the
height of sartorial sophistication during his pre-sloping era!

...and to top off such a treasure trove, how surprised was I
when the postman actually came up the drive with excitement,
showing me who was on the cover of this month's
scintillating, select publication of....

07 September 2016

watch the skies....and the chimney!

Oh for some sloping action!

In the meantime, the demolition at Grain provided proof that the
quad-copter has come of age. We counted no less than four
airborne just in our immediate vicinity......

This operator appeared to get a bollocking about something or other..... 

The smoking gun!
Let's not hope it's a metaphor for
the future of aerial rc leisure pursuits!

23 August 2016

spotted in Germany pt 04

In terms of aeronautical references, this is the best that Hamburg had offer!

Though next time it may be worth packing a little something
as this bit of river frontage looked eminently soarable!

21 August 2016

spotted in Germany pt 03

Finally made it up into the mountains today, checked out
the access to a couple of great looking slopes,
the only problem being the paragliderists....

I started rethinking the wisdom of my chosen
location when I saw these two in trouble
lower down on a rocky outcrop...

luckily for them, they were only about 60cm from safety

19 August 2016

spotted in Germany pt 02

spot the glider.....

it's there somewhere....

perhaps he has an E-Flite UMX ASK-21
packed in the topbox?

rider of the air and the tarmac!

18 August 2016

spotted in Germany 2016 pt 01

Today we find the Goodwind inbox bursting with an email from our
erstwhile viewer Mrs Trellis from North Wales. She writes-

"Dear Mr Foss, I have so enjoyed the previous accounts of your soaring
adventures on the west coast of the United States, having spent many
happy years as a wing bender in the Hobie Hawk factory during the seventies.

Even if I may say so myself, I was held in very high regard by my fellow
workers, managers and husband due to my hyper mobile joints and
taut, tanned thigh muscles. I also worked briefly as a bending consultant at the
E-flight factory to help set-up the Radian production line, though it has
to be said that the newer EPP foam is no substitute for firm wood pressing
hard against one's thighs.

Anyway, I digress...but look forward to hearing more about your travels
from over the pond sometime soon"

Well Mrs Trellis, I am pleased to report that it is that time of year
again and as such, here is the first instalment of this year's gripping
'Spotted in Germany' saga......enjoy!

In the UK, one has to tolerate knackered fences, rows of leylandii
and shabby sheds. In North Germany you only have to tolerate
this glorious beauty and take time to imagine what might lie within!

05 July 2016

the perfect storm

This is a public service announcement-

If the forecast comes good and Saturday 9th July is flyable please beware-

The Kent County Show is on from the 8th to the 10th
Leeds Castle Concert is on the 9th