26 February 2011

the sun! the sun!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! surely this must be spring? Thursday was bloomin' loveley, but Friday was pay back time when Thurnham threw a paddy and delivered cloud, and mediocre lift.


Duke's floater is perfect in the light, lifty air

a model that can always be relied upon

a good turn out

Colin's well kitted out

yet another silhouette / sunset shot....

followed by another in the series of extreme close-ups

good catch from Alan

Jason's got one brewing too

sniff, sniff

19 February 2011

saint slacker's subterfuge

On a forecast promise of clear sky and good winds, Deryck and Paul head off south for a day of sloping indulgence.

However, mist envelopes any high ground south of Bexhill so this Friday's slackers spend a day touring South Downs sites in hope of some slope action.

Beachy is bleak, with fog rolling over the car park. The lift is good, but anything other than a foamie would be too much of a risk in the big air.

High and Over is busy with paragliders, so it's off to try uncharted territory. After a brief hunt, our persistent slopers strike off on foot to a small easterly ridge.

a climb up the Cuckmere valley......

the patch

The lift is reasonable, and the cloud high enough so as not to be an issue. The down side is the landing strip, or lack there of.

What looked feasible on arrival feels little more than a postage stamp once airborne. So a safe landing calls for a five minute, backward hike up the bumpy bridle path away from the lift.

Paul has a better time of it than Deryck, who bags a patch of bad air and has to scratch around in deteriorating light at low level. He hooks the last weak thermal of the day, squinting hard at his rapidly fading speck of an Ellipse. But it gives him the altitude he needs to peel off far from the lift band and get safely to the higher, clear ground for a landing....phew!

salute to St. Slacker

17 February 2011

flying with half a tailplane

last monday

Lovely, active skies again for the most part of the afternoon. The paragliders are hopefully, but it's a bit too gusty, and then just too darn light!

early spring thermals abound

Martin is getting to grips with the Acacia

Hello Duke!

good lipo cooling in Mick's Radian

the stalwart of Alan's sloping fleet

bring on the spring!

09 February 2011

Roger Broad

The sad news has reached us that Roger passed away last Thursday

His funeral will be on Monday morning at Medway Crematorium.

It has been asked (in a what must be a reflection of his upbeat manner) that should anyone wish to attend, could they please refrain from wearing black.

He will surely be missed up on the hill.

08 February 2011

holly hill heaven

Come 3pm on a Tuesday afternoon and Holly Hill hits her prime. Gentle wind and a few thermals complimented with some sunshine.

Martin is non-plussed due to his lack of light lift equipment

Charlie's Fox pretends it's in California

a nifty knife edge maneuver for the camera

low passes too

Martin manages to skillfully hang on with the Apache

but just then, the lipo battery in the Fox spontaneously combusts....

leaving only piles of ash where once stood happy aero-modellers

Oh well, at least we end up with one of those rare blog entries where the flying shots outweigh the incidental gumpf!

06 February 2011

spring pre-dawn

Thursday brings us the first glimmer of spring, the promise of sun and a decent wind brings a good crowd of fliers to the hill. Unfortunately the Goodwind camera is not in attendance, so here's a reconstruction of a few of the highlights

the sun

the crowd

the superb thermals

Jason enjoys the Sigma....

Deryck enjoys some low passes

Paul's been enjoying some lead fumes

We all enjoy Gary's Habicht