06 February 2011

spring pre-dawn

Thursday brings us the first glimmer of spring, the promise of sun and a decent wind brings a good crowd of fliers to the hill. Unfortunately the Goodwind camera is not in attendance, so here's a reconstruction of a few of the highlights

the sun

the crowd

the superb thermals

Jason enjoys the Sigma....

Deryck enjoys some low passes

Paul's been enjoying some lead fumes

We all enjoy Gary's Habicht


  1. thanks Jon we need to maintain a humourous view in the light if such misery!

    Shame I couldn't make it today, hope you made good use of the wind!

  2. Is there no end to your talents Paul ? Very enjoyable sketches indeed, we like !

  3. my reverse parking is pretty shabby, and I can't dance ;)

  4. ..oh and I suffer awfully from premature ejaculation

  5. I really enjoyed the sketches! Sometimes they communicate more than pictures do.

  6. A picture speaks a thousand works so they say, though these mostly said 'boom!' and 'nooooo!'

  7. hahaha! We definitely like! :-) Steve

  8. Hi Paul ! - great cartoons, I hope there are more to come. Missed you at the hill but managed a quickie with the Stargazer (is that legal !!) - Steve

  9. so long as he was over 18 and consenting, I think you're ok

    I've got a few more cartoony ideas, but they've not made it to the top of the pile yet....