15 October 2014

Mission Inaccessible

Sloped off to uncharted territory for a few days
Full report to follow soon.....

 3mph, sheer cliffs and no chance of landing out...let the fun begin!

No wind, no slope and no right to roam!

This is where they come to rust in peace.
Luckily we're armed with EPP!

01 October 2014

Firle again...

We braved Firle on a weekend...it turned out to be jolly decent!

The day began with a bit of traffic congestion, but
it was interesting to learn that Renault's new
range of lorries is aimed at the bottom end of the market.

anyway, onto the slope and Simon prepares the smaller ASG for its maiden

 Final cg check like a pro... on finger tips, on windy hillside

plenty of full size action to keep us entertained while Simon continues to faff 

Mark deems the conditions suitable, but issues a warning about the 500% daddy long legs replica that is hogging the slope

quick twiddle on mini-me's joy stick for good luck

hmm, like a true pro there's just a bit more programming to do....

Mark's on launch duty, he's still got his eye on that multi limbed pest of a scalie... 

she's away!

all's good!

she does loops, rolls and all sorts of other crazy stuff....though don't go getting any ideas
if you happen to own the full size version

tip fins pending....

some rather nice hardware on display

Dave is nominated launcher for the PSS maiden

no problem!

meanwhile Simon cruises in for an arrival

happy with that! 

the full size boys circle the patch to signal their approval

...my mistake, it's a monster thermal with Mark (invisible to the naked eye)
at the top of the pile!

Sloperacer prototype testing

 ganglion attacks!!

automated camera tracker got a bit confused by
carbon fuselages and 2.4 radio signals...

we rounded off the day with a UFO

escape of the space johnny