21 November 2014

Dear Santa...

Constantly drawing a blank when asked what you want for Winterval?

Slope side attire need updating?

A quick Browse on Ebay finds the solution for you!...

...and for the remaining 364 sloping days a year when just a t-shirt
isn't enough on the hill, this bloke does hoodies too.

20 November 2014

flying famine

It's just not happening at the moment is it!
Maybe now's a good time to catch up on that backlog of aero-modelling literature....

14 November 2014

x-rated x-c

Deep from the archives we find Mr Phil Taylor attempting a cross country jaunt to Hollingbourne. The 'Goodies' inspired transport initially seemed like a stoke of genius, however it appears at least one of his spotters can concentrate on nothing except Mrs Goodwind getting her leg over.