19 May 2017

lost and found

Have you misplaced your transmitter? Maybe left it on Thurnham's grassy rise?
Use the comment link below to contact us (confidentially) with the details, Charlie is keeping it safe
and is keen to reunite it with its rightful owner.

By the way, it isn't the one shown above!

13 May 2017

a day on the dyke

We decided to give the Dyke a chance to redeem itself.
More wind should equal less paragliders, so on a cold and breezy
late winter day we headed off to Brighton's free flying mecca....

Simon strafes the lookout point just to make sure everyone
knows who owns the slope today!  

hmmmm, slope side entertainment!

bloke chucks himself off

meanwhile in the pits...

Henry is ready.....

Simon is on launch duty....

....in between flights that is. Here he performs an exemplary emergency landing  

....in order to clear the airspace for a passing chopper.
Makes a change from the multitude of paragliders that
usually creep across this side of the hill!

Once the all-clear is sounded, Lloyd chucks off
his foamie aerobat. It's currently up for grabs
if anyone is interested.

a solid performer

The Devils Dyke redeems herself, and the novelty
faces of Simon and Paul head home with their
flying boots full!