29 November 2012

construction time

let the build season commence!

27 November 2012


Sadly lacking any actual flying shots as seems to be the way these days,
still there's always next time...

just a few of the sloping hoards that turned out for the day

good to see Paul filling his boots and providing the sound track
for the day with his mighty Ventus

 .....and at the other end of the spectrum; Jason's little Limit

Processor (I think)....flew well, as they do (if it is one)

Simon with 'old faithful'

 tossed fish

no no, no no no no, no no, no no, no no there's no...... 

Mr Leebert keeping it real for Movember

last friday

easily summed up in three words.....




07 November 2012

last friday or saturday or something

monster cloud with monster rain followed by naff all wind!

Dave's lovely wing gets a successful maiden

lots of impressive scalies grace the patch and carve the sky

'you can't beat the elegance of a large scale
high aspect glass ship'....

 ...says the Norse deity Odin as he packs away his third scale Paritech
Nimbus at the end of his day off from saving souls in Valhalla

 remember to fit floats if you anticipate landing out

bit of a boost

Some good air to be had today, the sun's warm and despite the high pressure
type clouds there are some decent thermals around....

This monster guffed off the ploughed field at about 3.45pm shortly before sun down

boost gliders are going to be THE thing in 2013


With the shortening of daylight hours, Ray's not sure if he can face the misery of another winter. In fact only today he was spotted shopping for an escape to the afterlife....

03 November 2012

Rorschach repair

Santa's embryo gets trampled by My Little Pony