20 August 2012

slope babes

Looks like Simon is going to win the 'Slope Babe' photo contest hands down this year. After a bit of gentle persuasion he had this delightful passer by with her hands full, but she needed a bit of guidance to keep a firm grip on the root during a particularly good blow.

19 August 2012


Paul splashes out on a new model in readiness for Sunday's XC comp at the Ashdown Forest. It's the first kit build he's attempted since the early nineties (ignoring one foamie and several mouldies).

Deryck captures the event for prosperity, Ray contributes 25 minutes of moaning with the occasional interjection of irrelevant set up advice.

topping up the lipo with 300 mah worth of cussing and swearing


 no drama!

 balloon joins in....by the way has anyone lost a hat?

Mission ready for the Forest. We'll ignore the fact that by the end of
only a modest climb, the motor is hotter than a leather lingerie clad Amy Pond


On Pete's midday report of terrific lift, we steam up the hill piqued with expectation of a superb summery evening. Problem is things rapidly go south...literally!

special man seeks special woman to look after his special needs

 Simon ponders on filling the 3 metre gap in his Fox fleet

 Peter takes to his burrow once the lift has deserted us

Duke gets the trusty floater away; handles the tricky conditions without an issue

many happy returns John!
meanwhile Peter tries to decapitate Simon with
his light sabre; batteries die at the crucial moment

we settle on the steepest part of the hill and admire the view

I spy a grass hopper, an airliner and a bogey

Ray wonders why Peter is wearing his MASSIVE trapper hat in this weather!

Local pikeys have nicked all the phone cables so we're
stuck for several hours while BT put in the replacement
ready for them to nick again over the weekend.

Neighbourhood watch inform us that a Pike Brio and Pike Superior
are helping the police with their enquiries.

13 August 2012

hot holly

Summer almost lasted the entire week this year, so Sunday saw us beat a path to Holly to enjoy some potential model busters in the thermal department. No crashes, some quality moulded action and a throng of spectators just about sums up the day.

Charlie preps his ex-Fisher Alex

off she goes!

if you're familiar with John's penchant for the smaller soarer, you'll
realise he's cruising along just above his antenna tip

mingling with the MILFs

Alex slips around the sky, blending into its surroundings in a sinisterly stealthy fashion 

Mick arrives late for his pole dancing class

 Ray employs his third eye

Alpina at the ready

launching from Bernard's bump