14 May 2012

don't let your sun go down on me

Hoorah! the sun came out on Sunday, and even better; the sky had emptied of rip stop canopies by early afternoon leaving us free to enjoy the increasing wind.

 power assist trolley soon to be accompanied by electric scooter 

 Simon is reminded of the less 'vanilla' exploits of his younger days

 guess the wing span

last week Le Fish, this week Les Wing

 three grown men and a child's toy

a belly full of ballast

Sir Bob correctly identifies it as the stretched wing version 

 off she goes

she's a wee timorous beastie...

 and invites a hand catch

or maybe just give a cheery wave as she goes by
(slope hunter photo)

payback for being a miserable git
(slope hunter photo)

Simon preps the mighty '20

whilst bad boy Colin gets ready to maiden the Ka8

all goes well, good set up for finals...

 ....then all of a sudden whoah!
(slope hunter photo)

 checking orifices for signs of internal bleeding

did you guess correctly?

08 May 2012

sustained slope draught

Bank holiday southerlies welcomed us at Holly, but (surprise surprise) it rained again!

basking in the lovely spring weather

 foam in the majority today

combat ensues

Alan pretends to fly Charlie's 'Le Fish'

fish knife (edge)

 Le Plank