22 August 2011

Thurnham at its best

Sunday evening brings a magical combination of warmth, sun, smooth air and thermals....it's Thurnham at its best and we stay 'til sundown.

Ray's sunset stance

Deryck's sunset stance

Pete keeps the cows in check


all's well that ends well

Alpina pass......magic!

Murphy cruises....

...and loops. More of the same please before summer's out


Sunday at Allen's Ashdown cross country contest

16 August 2011

a sunny sunday

It's sunny, it's Sunday...but it's a tad too westerly....

with the odd south westerly swing, the paragliders hook something...

....next stop Margate and a new site record

Mick with AMT modified Radian

05 August 2011

a proper summer evening session

yes chaps, it's summer!

a quick one with the hound

then off into the lift with a smoking member

shootin' the breeze

Mick's hiding again

Cath Kidston windsock

look out Mick !

look out Mick !

Eric launches with the hope of some leisurely cruising

this is what it's all about

spoilers going up, sun going down

playing chicken with the combine

playing chicken with the camera man

back to some cruising

04 August 2011

The fruit of Holly

Some quality sessions at Holly this week, sun southerlies and some lovely apples are on offer.

slope supper

plenty to go round

the tunnel presents no problem for Steve, moments later he went back the other way...inverted!

shorts in the majority

Martin's on thistle duty

only two bags of litter this week

where's Mick gone?

Deryck's in the rough

rabbit, badger or glider arrival?


that's more like it!

almost gets the thumbs up from Trev

apples and airplanes