04 August 2011

The fruit of Holly

Some quality sessions at Holly this week, sun southerlies and some lovely apples are on offer.

slope supper

plenty to go round

the tunnel presents no problem for Steve, moments later he went back the other way...inverted!

shorts in the majority

Martin's on thistle duty

only two bags of litter this week

where's Mick gone?

Deryck's in the rough

rabbit, badger or glider arrival?


that's more like it!

almost gets the thumbs up from Trev

apples and airplanes


  1. Make the most of it: "Holly Hill, Wrotham and Kemsing are all under negotiation and therefore do not need further investigation."
    From dfhgc.org on stealing gliding sites like Beltinge.

  2. Their negotiations failed! anyway too many brambles and trees for them at Holly