28 November 2009

we have a hostage situation

after a three day dead lock, some focused action is required.....

25 November 2009

the fence line

Afternoon play is interrupted by a heavy shower, it's blowy and Alan gets in the zone and flies the fence line in a Wildthing/F3F juxtapose.

no lull after

rip the lip

grippy or groovy?

15 November 2009

line and lights

fine set of men bond whilst trying to acheive a common goal:
get the plane out of the tree

catapult, bungee and fishing line, in the end a 5m surveying rod
and 8m roach pole did the trick

nav lights

getting ready to rumble


Trev prepares for a discus launch

health and safety officer stops the fun

like a rabbit frozen in the flash light


in a demonstation of quantum theory, Steve's Wild Thing
exists in two locations at the same moment