19 October 2016

the goodwind gratis giveaway

This week's special offer; a lifetime's supply of virgin bead white foam.
Enough wings in there to see you through until you shuffle off this mortal coil.
Collection only from the shoreline east of Oare Nature Reserve.
Nearest parking space 2.5 miles away.

15 October 2016

tipping the balance

We've now slipped firmly into the season of longer nights and shorter days. But there was a time when daylight extended well into the evening and soaring enthusiasts gathered on the hallowed turf to celebrate the summer solstice....

sun, sky and soaring, as opposed to mud, moisture and misery.

something sleek and sexy lurks in the vegetation...

she's a bit dirty, and scantily clad in black plastic....but then aren't all the best ones so? 

Pete's past self is receiving a message from the future via the medium of this blog-
only a few months till retirement sir!

Simon gets a firm toss from Mark.

The final rays of the longest day.

Eric (well not actually Eric, rather his Cularis) scratching around
in the magical evening light.

starting a theme of dodgy focus images; a slope-side orchid.... 

.....and what would have been a cracker of an arrival shot

Not sure how you fly these new cutting edge models with the transmitter
actually moulded into the wing?!

....but they seem to perform very well indeed!

12 October 2016


Do any of your models weigh more than 250 grams?

Do any of your models fly faster than 33 mph?

Do you enjoy flying higher than 50 metres?

Do you enjoy flying further than 100 metres away from yourself?

If you have answered yes to one or more of these questions then you should be aware that European law is aiming to make any such model flying illegal. So unless your passion is flying your government registered Alula around your tx aerial then take the time to sign this petition. In fact, sign the petition using every email address you own, and then get all your relatives to sign it too, then lobby your local MP using the previous suggestions.

Act now- Brexit won't save us from this one!

11 October 2016

before they weren't famous 03

The subject in question informs me that I had the wrong picture of him....
so can anyone now guess which Thurnham regular is shown here poised for action?

First one with the correct answer will receive
a restrained vertex behind the cow shed at the
earliest possible opportunity!

good house keeping

lipo maintenance day at the Goodwind hangar

living the dream...

and hopefully not the nightmare