21 March 2011

creaky launch

first day of spring

This weekend heralded the start of spring, the sun and warmth confirm the shift in seasons. With a high pressure system establishing itself over the UK, it's a flat field day on Saturday with lots of passing buzzards marking the thermals.

Sunday brings fortune to the brave, with F3Fs and floaters doing well off the slope on a slermally afternoon. If you work the spring lift well it's a rewarding session, but there are a few out landings as the sink sweeps through behind.

Martin's landing monitored by formation UFOs

35 meg still alive and well

Steve's grown another foot or so since his
last session a few weeks back

Eric and Betty

Jon launches

the paragliders get some air time too

Sir Tim joins us for the afternoon

speed merchant Jon even has a skeg on his tranny!

08 March 2011

is it spring yet?

It's a good morning for the paragliders, but as the afternoon pushes on the wind picks up. There's better slope lift, but it's still cold and rather rumbustious.

white planes





straight through the heart