26 February 2011

the sun! the sun!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! surely this must be spring? Thursday was bloomin' loveley, but Friday was pay back time when Thurnham threw a paddy and delivered cloud, and mediocre lift.


Duke's floater is perfect in the light, lifty air

a model that can always be relied upon

a good turn out

Colin's well kitted out

yet another silhouette / sunset shot....

followed by another in the series of extreme close-ups

good catch from Alan

Jason's got one brewing too

sniff, sniff


  1. Beautiful pictures!

    I've graduated from a little ParkZone Ember 2 to a ParkZone Super Decathlon Brushless.

    I live here in the Arizona desert and while there isn't much opportunity where I live for real tall hill type slope soaring there are plenty of thermals, I'd imagine.

    Can you recommend a soarer for a beginner?

  2. Hi John

    I would go for the ParkZone Radian, great value for money, soar well and very stable. You nay not have many hills but I'm guessing it's a bit warmer in Arizona than SE England right now!

    Happy flying

  3. Great! Thank you.

    Yes, definitely warmer here. I'd say blazing hot in the summer. :-)