04 July 2008

chancie boys

Goodwind has worked his fingers to the bone this week, but with the decks clear this morning he takes a chance (despite the southerly wind) and heads out to the hallowed turf. It seems other folk have the same idea...

'mah bitches are hot man!, you want some good punani?'

the local constabulary needs a bit of bribary and corruption,
but comes round in the end

hotliner? but where's the ailerons?.......

.....oh! now I see!

father and son

The conditions are not good, far too much south, with zero slope lift. Paul manages to get away with his Salome but it's a risky business as the only thermals cycling through are on the far side of the castle...

Rod has the tool for the job!

Ray is sceptical....

under the bonnet!

Paul, Rod and Tom exercise their 'right to roam' and head round the back of Guffer's Gully, to soar the southeasterly face of Bald Knob. The lift is smooth and perfectly suited to their array of floaty floaters.

airbourne.... the rubber fox gets away!

fox and alula mate on the wing, but what will be born of it?

....seems we will not have to wait long to find out, the fox finds a suitable perch to begin nesting

Paul is shot in the chest by a beam of pure energy from the evil super-villain trying to take over the soaring world from his subterranean base under Bearstead Golf Club.

low pass

fox takes to the wing again, and heads to the local chemist
for a course of worming tablets

for the record, Tom would like to point out that the size of his plane
bears no relationship to the size of his manhood

father and son again!

Every retrieve throws up the herbal scent of summertime downland flora. It ends up being a fantastic evening, nobody shoos us off the Knob and we stroll back to the cars with our flying thirst quenched.

We meet an unknown flyer lurking by the flint tumulus and chat as the hot air baloons start to break the horizon. To top it all a Spitfire does a low circuit of the field, waggles it's wings over Detling and heads off in the direction of Biggin Hill and the sun set.

Sorry to say Goodwind's camera batteries had run out by this point!


  1. You lucky lucky so and so's. And a Spitty flypast to rub salt in the wound! Good prompt report. Keep up the good(wind) work - we are watching.....

  2. Don't worry Deryck, it really wouldn't have warranted a trip across counties, also A249 was jammed solid both ways from about

  3. Great blog Paul. Had us in fits. Shame we missed the Spit! Must have had our eyes down looking for those pesky ailerons!! - How can I send you pics?

  4. yes please forward any fotos, they would be most welcome

    the best way is to send them to my hotmail account which is p_westrupathotmail.com (replace the at with a @ to avoid trolls and spammers etc etc)

  5. rod and tom here (father and son) excelent job there, very well done, made us laugh. dad didnt realise he was so bald.... and fat, said hes never seen the back of his head before, and wondered where all his hair had gone,

    look forward to futher posts, keep up the good work, will send you the pictures soon

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  7. thanks tomooska, look forward to the fotos

  8. Yay...more Fox and Alula pics...We share the same respect for all things light and floaty...and I ain't talking about the wifes undergarments either lol