05 July 2008

big wind!

It's the weekend!! lots of wind being blown up the hill, as seems the way since the start of June. As any regular knows, this is not always a good thing at Thurnham, but today hefty thermals help us on our way.

imagine a chain rather than girlie ribbon

from boy to man from Leatherhead

launch plane into the area of maximum upward vector...

and try not to land with too much of a downward vector...

Dave's casual setup stance belies a thorough and professional approach....

a firm launch with no concerns....


pilot and cows bow head for the mortally wounded

......it's soul rises to a better place

... and many faiths pay their respect


  1. Caption for last pic: "The wind came from all manner of directions!"

  2. now that would just be lowering the tone a bit too far ;)

  3. New pics (smaller) on their way by email...

    How about: "This downland venue is renown for its fine views!" Mmmm possibly not ;-)

  4. Ray and VPL - not a good combination!

  5. my mother always told me to bend at the knees!