14 July 2008

another glorious evening!

What a glorious evening, the wind subsides as the afternoon draws on, even the paragliding boys get a sustained session in. Duke, Ray, Brian, Steve, A.N Other and Paul are there for the late afternoon shift.

Duke is on launch duty

the floater goes awol, and these two are on a mission...

it's found safe and sound, but the variable CG system is deemed unsuccessful

good slot for 'em

The paragliders launch en mass, and we stay grounded so the only collisions they risk is with each other. Rod and family arrive, as does Woody.
Rod, Paul, Jess and Tom head out to the western bowl to maiden new Discus and flying wing, both a success, both a bit CG forward, Paul lands out in the rape seed.

'liftus maximus!'
with the help of some magic smoke from his thumb,
Rodney Potter levitates his wild thing

Tom avoids the slope side paparazzi

cows move in for the kill

more of the same tomorrow please!

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