26 July 2008

what a splendid evening

It's a cracking Friday afternoon for Ray, Colin, Duke and Paul. Tee shirts and shorts are the slope side dress code such is the warmth of the wind. The down side is the paragliders are out en-mass, it's ideal for them, and confidence in numbers mean they're working the sky to great effect rather than just hugging the hill.

Colin gives them the evil eye, but they're not taking the hint!

sod it! let's give it a go anyway!

in excess of 1k reported!

the walk of shame

the fleas abandon ship

kant git dis fecking ting in der, fecking, bleeding,
fiddly, soddin, effin, goddam ting, why won it fecking go in!

Duke leaves him to it

Dave and Kirk arrive for the evening shift

After such a monster session the PG boys are off down the pub and leave us to entertain ourselves uninterupted in the easing wind and dying light.

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