04 October 2010

mingers in the mist

We congregate on Holly while the sun's out for a Saturday session, the fates decree that we get no wind, then it picks up to a moderate 7mph just before the heavens open and the cloud descends.

under shelter

Steve takes a chance and tosses off

but stays under cover

seems he can soar the micro updrafts formed by the

falling rain drops!

whilst just above cloud base....

Martin catches sight of a slender young botanist surveying the moss,
or is it Sigourney Weaver?

Martin tries again

anyway, it seems single young women don't think that model glidering is where it's at

Deryck provides the evidence of conditions as seen from the bottom of the hill


  1. We need documentary evidence of alleged female. Without that, we suspect she was a hallucination brought on by sexual starvation.

  2. yup, sorry about that

    we'll have to start our own 'hill side totty' section in a similar vein to the Proper Cornish Soarers