19 October 2010

the big 'M'

High pressure and northerlies point in one direction for Kentish slopers...Minster! This weekend the shallow, erosion defended inclines deliver the goods for two days on the trot.

good shelter behind the bushes

Eric preps the Weasel....
meanwhile at Firle

...while Deryck preps the Wildie..... meanwhile at Firle

inverted hand catch from Dave...... meanwhile at Firle

Eric chucks the Weasel off, it tears down wind, arriving in a garden. He deftly hooks it with the 5 metre retrieve pole, raises the foamie over the fence where upon it gets airbourne again and then takes roost in a hedge!

oh for the want of a video camera!..... meanwhile at Firle

Dave cleans the salt spray off his glasses

good lift ceiling on Saturday

another inverted hand catch from Dave

Sunday starts off blowy, but eases through the day. The afternoon begins with a benign 10mph breeze which eventually drops off to nothing, this of course heralds the arrival of Ray.

early afternoon is ideal for the paragliders several make it as far as Warden Bay and, more importantly, make it back!

Steve laments the lack of flat land equipment

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