27 October 2010

far from summer

It may not be summer, but with the southwesterlies back we can all enjoy something warm and moist in our faces again. So it's back up on the third rate lump that just about passes for a hill to enjoy our toys.

Alan sets the speed standard for the afternoon with the Aris

Colin T gets today's spot landing award

Colin P rips it up in an old school stylie

usual crowd

Colin P provides a little surprise for Rob

whilst Rob comes through with a money shot

bow in praise to the god of slopiness

we prepare to leave respectfully

but just then Colin T arrives with some urgency


  1. Great pic's paul, t'was a good day :-) sorry i dident get any good shots lol i'l try abit harder next time :-)


  2. you got some great ones Steve...I'll be using them for another purpose though ;)

  3. nice pics paul lol col

  4. cheers Colin, twas a lovely little session wasn't it!