08 November 2010

a wet big 'm'

The forecast doesn't come up to scratch on Sunday, at least not at Minster. There's a street of rain clouds marching across the estuary with clear sunny weather either side. So the day is spent with quick forays into the sky, then scrambled landings and back to cover in the cars.

80% of the afternoon looked like this

boarder line too windy for the Wildies

An elegant solution from Dave....apologies to John, he tried to hold off. When do we get to see yours?

clearer weather breaks through, and the winds ease

so we carry on past sunset

Jason's found something in the bushes...it's Colin!

and look! there's a model in there too


beyond the call of duty

wouldn't be a decent session with an 'incident'

we missed you Steve......until next time


  1. nice one paul good laugh was had by all cheers col

  2. yup, hope it's only yout jacket that required stitches Colin !

  3. cheers! shame you had to work Steve...we missed you

  4. Sorry I missed you Paul, but I had to leave early - my Blizzard loved those really blowy conditions - I was getting excellent height out over the sea! Roll on next time.

  5. lovely bit of coastal lift, seems the morning was drier though Eric!