17 November 2010

heavenly holly

We get a lovely little slot on Tuesday afternoon. It's a calm morning but all the forecasts show sun and an increasing breeze for the afternoon. Holly is at her best with thermals and mild slope lift. The air abounds with floaters and electric assist for some laid back, early winter soaring.

it could almost be spring time

good weather and good company

not enough swearing going on here, where's Ray when you need him?

Colin tries to decide if his motor is knackered after the castle incident

Ray finally arrives and gives us all a lesson in model rigging, we got it down on video and Paul Naton has shown interest in using it for his 'Soaring Master Class' series

don't worry viewers, winter really is here...once the sun goes in it's chuffing cold and we even get some rain.....hoooraah!


  1. Looked a lovely session that, shame I couldn't slope off and join you. Till the next time... I'm starting to get forget what a thermal is !

  2. hopefully we can get up again there sometime soon, Rob was recounting your superb evening session there last year...it's been a while since we've had one like it