02 November 2011

celebrity slopers

A good turn-out this weekend despite the misery of winter close-by. Thurnham generates her usual questionable quality lift, but it's the weekend and we're flying so who's complaining!

Big Al, fence and French plane

speed wing gets the paraglider pilots to the bottom of the hill even quicker than usual

George Michael takes time off from taking drugs, crashing cars and stabbing poos

'cos you gotta have Pace Pace Pace'

Charlie gets Sir Bob's Ceres off with aplomb

the low sun is back

shortly after launching, Ray sets up for a landing

E.T. on a visit for Halloween

Acacia breaks the crust


  1. Ed's a ringer for sure ! .....bad choice of words ;)

  2. Too funny! the only real poo stabber on the hill was the Acacia!!