05 November 2011

old school scale

With the evenings drawing in, Pete has found time to convert and upload his old VHS movies. These two date from 1993 and show the annual scale get together at Etching Hill, Folkestone.

Keep a look out for Simon T, Dave H and Colin T among others. Good stuff Peter!


  1. Blimey Simon looks very young there !
    I guess that it was 20 years ago.
    I remember seeing Simon fly his ellipse down the club field and thinking wow !
    Funny that the models I have now eclipse the ellipse.
    Great videos Paul.

    Ps after looking closer is there John Pryde and Colin Boorman standing on the hill side as well.

  2. Jon, I'll have another look for Mr Prrrryyyyyde
    yes you are right though, that must be Mr Boreman lurking- I can put a name to a face now you've mention him

    Simon was looking a bit more streamlined back in the day wasn't he!

    It is amazing how technology has moved on, I wonder if things will be very much different in another 18 years time....

  3. Thats deffo Colin Boreman with the flat cap when simons flying his ellipse 1.
    Think John Pppppprrrrryde is behind in white, with a white bobble hat on.

    Its great stuff.

  4. thanks Jon, I'll take a look see

  5. Great to see the annual competition that the East Kent Soaring Association used to run each year. I was one of the judges for the previous year's competition.
    That slope was actually named Tolsford Hill and it is owned by the MOD but luckily Sam Laurence (now deceased) knew the camp commander well and was able to negotiate flying rights for the Association.
    You may also recognise Mervyn Tilbury who used to own and run the Ashford Model Shop and also Robin Sleight of the Invicta Club can be seen landing his white sailplane.

    More please Pete - excellent!

  6. Paul, Just looked at Part One and I can see myself, complete with beard, hair and big glasses talking to Tim McWilliams at 1m50s. Tim can also be seen launching at 5m55s and flying at 8m15s.

    The chap giving out the prizes is Roy Castle who I think was in charge of competitions at EKSA that year. He still flys regularly at Folkestone and has just bought a Predator from Tony Fu.

  7. Sorry Eric I don't think I have anymore, didn't even realise I had this as I was looking for my electric flying videos from the same era which are also on Youtube..
    But I think i might have some video taken on Bluebell Hill.

  8. Thanks for the info Eric, I didn't spot either 'Merv the swerve' or you! Though I had clocked Robin Sleight. There's also a guy that appears on Dave's Holly vid from about the same time (as well as Andy) who's name I don't know.

  9. Eric I would never have guessed that was you at 1m 55 !!

  10. Paul, I was somewhat slimmer in those days!
    I've still got my DisneyWorld hat and the big glasses so I'll wear them (and breathe in a bit) next time I'm at the slope.
    In Part Two, Merv can be seen and heard at 5m15s and Peter Sainsbury (Jason knows him) from the Bromley Club is briefly spotted at 3m45s.

    Peter, I'll take a look at my photos taken around that time to see if I can spot any of our local fliers.

  11. Thanks Eric, any vintage stuff would be great, I'll have to dig old my RC Soaring book and track down that pic of you!

    I thought I'd spotted Mr Sainsbury in there some where

  12. I've just uploaded a video to youtube I took again in the early 90's of Tim McW flying my Salto at Bluebell hill whilst I filmed it.
    Sorry for the cheesy music..
    I still have the Salto and its flown a few times at Thurnham this year.. Very nice to fly.

  13. More old, bold fliers spotted:
    Pete Cubitt from Bromley Club, Pete Clarke from Invicta, Dave Hopkins, Alan Morgan and Colin Marsh from EKSA, and Dave Monk (now deceased) from SADMAC.

  14. Correction:
    In my 7th November posting, I inadvertently named the CD for the day as Roy Castle, when in fact his name is Roy Page.
    Sorry Roy - the reason I inadvertently called you by that surname goes back many years - old age creeps on - Doh!