16 March 2010

seasons salutations

The new season starts here, a warm wind means Winter's on the way out and months of sunshine and thermals await us!

the lane foliage has been
comprehensively mullered, all the easier to park up against!

start of season salutations with the customary pensioner man poon parade

Eric and his Terry cover up Ray's excited fist thrashing-
it's been a while since he's seen the sun

see, a real man knows exactly where he is
with a 7 cell nicad pack and a speed 400

and the Terry (bless it's little cotton socks) is none the wiser either

Free Bird, plenty more of those down Rochester High Street
on a Saturday evening


  1. don't worry Steve, there's plenty more days to come yet, it's not getting dark til 6 now...bring on those glorious warm evenings

  2. Must try and get down to those Kent slopes this year. So far we've only tried the one overlooking the Chunnel.

    Adrian (ISA awayday leader)

  3. Good stuff Adrian, don't get your hopes up for big lift though...there's also a fair to middling chance of a select few dropping in on the Beacon too

  4. Yes Adrian, SW as we all know is a bad direction for Ivinghoe. Drop in one day when it's blowing that way (5 to 20 mph is the a nice wind range depending on what tools you have !)

  5. and bring on the end of the month! when the clocks go back/forward? lol


  6. Amen to that Steve

    they spring forward in the Spring by the way, lovely warm evenings flying til sunset....heaven!

  7. thats a good way to remember it, cheers Mr Wind! :D

    yeah i can't wait! i miss those days, so relaxing.

  8. Please don't upset Terry, Paul - (;-)) I built him 5 years ago when I was recovering after having a bit of re-plumbing done on that pump thingy in my chest. He kept me company and sane indoors until I was able to walk a few yards and give him the freedom of the skies!!! As he is only made of styro foam I don't think he would stand up to the strain of being re-engined with a brushless motor!

  9. It's a fine aeronautical device Eric, I think you should take the plunge and re-plumb him!