07 September 2010

still got sand in me nose

A super day down on the coast enjoying the warm on shore breeze and a bit of messing around on the dunes.

mouldies go well on the meagre hill

but foamies rule the day

bignoseskinny launch

Steve dips low into the dark side

an unknown hill, and unsuitable model and an unpracticed technique

none of it a problem for Steve

and his first ever DS session is a resounding success


nose pays the price though

let's not let that stop the fun

an outstanding day, we'll be back for more

there'll be footage to follow at some point


  1. Unknown hill? Looks like Greatstone to me. Did you go to 'The Pilot'?

  2. Well spotted Mr Woods, the backside was unknown to us anyway, don't know if anyone else has ever tried DSing it.

    Didn't visit the Pilot, too busy flying.

  3. Great day, can't wait to do it again... :-)


  4. Looks like you had a good time. How about having a go off the cliffs at Capel next time the wind's in that direction. :<))

  5. It was a memorable day Steve, yup we'll have to get down there again.

    Mad Mick tells me he stopped off in the car park that afternoon, he'd been down there looking at a boat to buy, but he didn't see us.
    Maybe it was before we got down there.

  6. We'll give the cliffs a go at some point Eric....I'll have to get a grip on my vertigo first though :o

  7. We did the cliffs at Capel the other year, that's a SE isn't it ?

  8. I beleive so Mr C

    I'd still like to do Broadstairs see front in an easterly, nice mix of coastal air and urban sloping.

  9. will give you a shout as and when Eric