28 September 2015

....are a million to one he said!

an alien invader lurks upon the hillside... 

we're drawn to its exposed carbon loveliness

 'it's very easy to fly, right for right, left for left' etc etc

'it's even got it very own moulded carbon, front bottom flange'

it comes complete with two trannies...

three batteries...

and the obligatory builder's bum.

It handles the blustery conditions without a problem. Eric has
a twiddle on the sticks and confirms its well mannered autonomy.

Strangley though, the youth of today are more interested in playing
cowpat Frisbee and watching Mark get his big one fully erect.

which he manages like a true pro!

'Is that dog poo?' (sniff sniff) 

meanwhile the Inspire watches and waits, ready for the
day when machines will rule the earth....

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