11 October 2015

wye bother?

The onset of man-flu puts pay to any Sunday afternoon DIY. Instead the decision is made to career down the country lanes to
Wye Downs in a fug of Night Nurse vs. nasal cavity emissions, to catch sight of  Vulcan bomber XH 588 on her farewell tour. 

Seems at least 50 other locals have the same idea (minus the DIY dodging man-flu).
Eyes right for a small gathering of the Plymouth Brethren arriving
to enjoy the sight of a machine solely designed and built to unleash the ultimate
 in indiscriminate destruction upon one's fellow human being.

...and there she goes! The beautifully framed 5 seconds of low pass loveliness prior to this
have been forever lost to the camcorder operatives's
over-medicated dumb thumb delay on the 'start' button.

As she disappears in a trail of green-house gas emissions worthy of a VW Golf diesel leaving the MOT test centre, it can't help but be said that it's such a shame that the wind wasn't a firm south westerly. We know of at least 2 PSS Vulcans
that could have taken part in a synchronised display to honour the old girl

Though it seems that Ashford's finest are more interested in mutual geek spotting.

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