12 September 2011

closing season

Here's some activity from recent weeks

have you guessed what it is yet?

no, nor have we...but it' a good n

another mystery model

a clue as to its vintage

the cows avoid eye contact...but look out for that one on the far right!

the lift's even good enough for some PSS action

after two allegedly duff launches, it's off to inflict some collateral damage
in the name of the good old 'you ess of aye'

I can see autumn on the horizon :(


  1. Some great shots of the Old Holly Hill Boys in action....

  2. just can't keep you boys down now you've got a second wind!

  3. I'm pretty certain that the first model is from the Soaron stable and the second is Al Wishers's 'Blue Beast'!

    Only an Oldie would know the answer!


  4. Thanks Eric, I can sleep well now

  5. sorry its not al wishers blue beast checked the plan on my hobby store.co.uk this has poly wings my one has not
    any other answers "help"