15 September 2011

a friend indeed!

Eric arrives at the hill to find low winds and a touch too much west. Not to worry he has the tool for the job; an electric floater with no more than 3 flights under its belt.

The bad news is this model's not packing a receiver, but fear not as the ever resourceful Paul has a spare one in his flight box. It's even got the correct Velcro 'polarity' for mounting in Eric's model, so all's good and off we go into the blue yonder.

off she goes


low pass

off to find a decent thermal and then up to speck height

What a lovely afternoon! The early autumn sun gives smooth buoyant air and, for a moment at least, we can forget that winter is close by.

All toys safely on the ground. The receiver is handed back to its rightful owner, at which point Paul fesses up with a thank you to Eric for testing his 23 year old piece of kit, which has been the prime suspect in several recent crashes !


  1. Some guys have all the luck (didn't Robert Palmer sing that?) .

    What was the model ?

  2. Either I can't remember or Eric couldn't remember....I can't quite remember which!

  3. I bought the model from a German stand, NikelModelBau or something like that, at Sandown about 15 or 20 years ago and it has stayed in its box all that time.

    It was designed for brushed 600 size motors and the name written on end of the plain white box is 'Expert 600'.

    However, coincidentally this evening I happened on a posting on Fly Quiet which had a photo of my model but which was called 'Silent Dream'.

    A bit a Googling gave me the information that my model is in fact the first iteration of the FVK 'Silent Dream' series of models which have evolved slightly over the years.

    It is lovely to fly and with a 350watt motor, a 3S LiPo and a 12x6 propeller it gets upstairs pretty quickly.

    It now has MY 20+ year old Futaba 107N receiver which I can't ever remember putting in a model before, but it safely looked after the Expert 600/Silent Dream at Hucking yesterday when it was just a speck in the sky during one of my relatives first ever R/C flight. He incidently is joining the fold as well and will soon be seen on the slopes with his first model.

  4. Sorry Paul, I forgot to say thanks for the excellent photos you managed to capture of my efforts to put the model in the correct positions for you - good fun!

    I did in fact fly the model at the Tonbridge field last weekend when it was blowing at over 25 mph and it performed perfectly in those conditions as well. Late yesterday afternoon was flat calm and it was magic!

  5. a lovely model Eric...thanks for testing my rx!

  6. It was a pleasure - thanks for enabling me to fly that day.

    Would it be possible to have full resolution copies of those photos to add to my album - thanks.