24 July 2012

day three

Day three sees them back on home turf, but to add insult to injury the wind is too far north for the mighty Thurnham. So it's off to Wye for a last ditch assault on the WWNW breeze....

They're in luck; with the help of some juicy thermals the lift's not too shabby!

MILF alert! Simon attempts to impress her with his square loops, Paul clams up and Ray just cuts
straight to his favourite sexual anecdotes  

beating a hasty retreat to inform the nearest law enforcement officer

Skorpian rules! 

set up for finals 

 safely cleared the fence

 nature's cushion

 it's love!

judging the best angle for a clean kill


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Excuse me South East Boys... There was no permission filed with us to fly from Westbury or Roundway!!! This is our manor, we dont tollerate outsiders.... Me and Martin are coming your way and we are to take a great big dump on your landing site!


    1. Too slow chaps! we were in, flown and out again like a crack team of Navy Seals....look out for OUR dumpage next time your flaps are down!

  3. Oi Oi savaloy...What's your game.

    That's slopejunkies flying sites you've been using. You can't come over here nicking our lift.
    Next time apply for a " flying pass "

    Good to see you trying westbury out. Next time we should meet up.



    1. Couldn't let all that lift go to waste chaps! We will be back, weather conspired against us this time round. Have to say the lift at Westbury was outstanding!