03 August 2008

late report

Steve comes through with a late report from earlier in the week......

"Last Tuesday James, my glider instructor from work, and I fitted our altimeters to the gliders and competed for altitude off the ridge.

James (ex full size glider pilot Air training Corp flying instructor and DFC) flew a well worn 2 channel floater of dubious heritage while the lesser skilled student (me) worked away with the Stargazer 2. The lift was phenomenal and a few black bottomed and ominous clouds lent some serious up to our endeavours.

I quit when the glider finally disappeared into whisps of cloud (an anxious moment!!) My eyesight was failing as it was!

Back on the ground the altimeters were checked and the results in feet off the top of the ridge were: James 923' (respectable), Steve 1853'!!! I promised not to gloat but news and the attached graphical representation leaked out (after all no point in being 'OIC Leaks and Misinformation' for the firm if I can't leak to advantage now and again!!) All day James was regaled by colleagues, "1853, apart from the Crimean War what other significance does this number have?" "So James, you're having trouble getting it up!!"

I've asked my instructor if I should invest in leading edge de-icers but I couldn't make out the reply!!"

Evening all!

documentary evidence

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