16 August 2008

fabulous friday

Saint Slacker, the patron saint of slope soarers, put in a good word for us today....the sun shone and the wind was good. The paragliders were up as well, but things went swimmingly! Good turnout, won't even bother to name names, you know who you are!

Ray's expecting a visitor, Mr Thai bride makes do with a divot from a
previous hard arrival

The conditions are so smooth Alan gets to fly his 1/10th scale rc paraglider

'let out' for the day, they've waited long enough for their 99 flake

Alpina Alan arrives

joining us for a cuppa?

The lift is heavily influenced by the thermal conditions, Vaughn and Mr Thai are well suited for the conditions with a bit of electric assist. The paragliders are grounded for a while, so Paul chucks off, grovels around at just under/over the horizon for about five minutes, then the mother of all thermals come roaring through and we're all up to to speck height in less that a minute. Paul discovers his VNE, and loses a tiplet but the wings continues on unflustered, so why curtail such a great flight.

missing something?

successful maiden by Steve with his 'fling'

The boys persuade Paul to give his big wing ago, and he adds to the ragwort eradication programme for the expected cows. Lots of good karma, though there's damp in the air once the sun goes down, can I smell Autumn coming?

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