01 August 2008

not nice

Den rips it up with a little french number

Twas king windy this afternoon, rumour has it that Roger and Alan put a good stint in till mid afternoon, LGRA Den was there for the duration, Ray, Paul, Jac, Steve and his dad did their stuff in the afternoon. Unless you were sledded up, the air was not nice!

Wind full on, gusting to hurricane. Paul laments a lack of ballast space in the toplight, experiments with reflex, over does it, and lands out in the far corner of the field. Luckily the only damage is to his pride, though the walk of shame got him a good dose of exercise for the day. We are graced with some full size action.

Jack is keen to fly his 'ufo', but after watching the trauma of others, sees the light.

Here's hoping for less of the same this weekend!

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