07 August 2008

southerly tilt

It's a hot, close afternoon that finds Alan heading for home, leaving Paul, Ray, Jack and Duke to do battle with a less than ideal southerly wind.
The sun keeps breaking through though, and if you time your launch right the thermals are enough to get you away.

Jack has his ufo, this intercontinental, strategic super fortress of a sloper is just the tool for the job, and amply demonstrates how these modern sections lap up a high wing loading. Jack is happy a buyer was not found last week, as the ufo is now the pride and joy of his fleet!

Duke makes fine use of an old 'Mini Milan' wing that performs splendidly on its maiden flight.

The paragliders are trying in from the gulley, and even they have a few moments of success in the challenging conditions.


flying by committee...

...results in mediocrity


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