08 August 2008

blowy Beltinge

For any Canterbury flyer, Beltinge is the nearest slope. It takes a north of north west, round to north (apparently) and tonight the Herne Bay sailing club website is saying it's game on!!

it's king steep!

told you!

Beltinge turns out to be not so blowy, the tide is in and the gulls are flapping. With no chance of thermals or an outlanding, Paul bottles it and heads for the kinder slopes to the west, about a half a mile away. Of course the air is still when he gets there, so back to the cliffs...

Wind if definately better here (bizarre coastal micro-climate!) and eventually it picks up a bit to about 6mph. Paul gets the better of his vertigo and bungs off (trying not to 'go with it') conditions are lovely, silky smooth and with some gentle cruising, height is gradually gained.

the only flying shot I could manage I'm afraid!

lovely bit of coastal vernacular

The light fades, and a smooth landing is had! After all that deliberation, it has been a fine evening and the sunset almost makes the smell of trodden in dog poo tolerable on the way home! Website confirms wind strength between 4 and 6mph!

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