29 August 2008

quarter scale combat!

It's a bit westerly, but the hill's working if you're prepared to scratch it. There's a few folk up for the challenge, Ray, Mr Fisher, Alan, A.N. Other, T'other Paul and Paul also get to enjoy a bit of sun!!

T'other Paul's not up for a scratch, so he's armed with a bit of lecky, but is it a boat? is it a plane? is it a strange Rusky ground effect thing? and why's he holding it like it's just spot landed in dog poo?

Ballistic soaring capability is what is required, Alan lobs off his 5m 1/4 scale ASW 17, Paul chucks the 4m flying wing off. With two behemoths working a tight slope and even tighter thermals they eventually clatter into one another, luckily without damage!

It's a interesting opportunity to compare the performance of the two layouts. The ASW has more span but a higher loading, while the wing can turn tighter but has a boot full of washout. In the tight conditions, the wing has the advantage in lift, it climbs out quicker and can work the small thermals closer to the deck. In terms of hang time, the ASW can't be beat and sustains when the wing is getting mullered in the sink.

It's even stevens really, and despite several times when they're both down near the deck, over an hour of satisfying air milking is enjoyed!

look... the sun's out!!

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