04 September 2008

take cover!

It's very wet and very windy this afternoon, this doesn't stop the die-hards. T'other Paul is just going, leaving the way clear for Ray, Paul and Alan who've just arrived. It's 'king blowy, slightly from the south and good lift....but showers appear regularly on the horizon, and we make several dashes for the cow shed.


the approaching menace

We're joined by a couple of other chaps and no sooner than they reach the patch, we all find ourselves heading back down the path to shelter.

club house debate- 'EPP planes are quality planes'

Good session had by all, with full on, hard core, sphincter busting flying enjoyed between the rain, but I'm afraid I have to announce Autumn is officially here.


  1. Nobody fly the 'Thurnham gap' then today ? ;-)

  2. no, though I did give it a good eyeing up, I'm sure less blustery conditions will produce a good pertunity to give it a go.....await footage!!