13 September 2008

smallest slope in kent

Today Paul found himself with a plane in the car passing by Seasalter Beach. This soaring site can't really be called a slope, it comprises a sea wall only 9ft tall.

You need a NNW or a N, a disposable model and well practiced hand catches to fly this site. I'm sure you could DS the grass bank at the back of the wall if I only knew how. Beware groynes on the beach and nasty rotor at the rear, on this day the air on the backside was blowing up the hill- a sure sign of nasty goings on. Lift is just as good with the tide in or out, also keep a lookout for Joe Public and his dog.

The cherry of Seasalter sea wall was deftly snatched by T'other Paul who gave it a go a few years back, I don't know of anyone else unhinged enough to have flown there previously.


  1. Top marks to that man, a true enthusiast ! Looked like a mega narrow band of lift.

  2. yup, it opens out as the wind picks up, but on sat you had to be right on the lip to keep it going-great fun!!