22 September 2008

flat lander's flight

Deryck strikes out to explore the county of Essex, and finds an easterly hill that works! Facing out to the North Sea, Walton on the Naze bears a striking resemblance to Minster.

The conditions are a bit on the marginal side, but Deryck reports that the narrow lift band was easily exploited by his floater, and the landing zone was a winner.

any chance of launching from the tower?


  1. Hi
    i live 2 mins away from the cliffs and have been flying them for years this has lead me to think about buying a paraglider to get up there and do it for real. Can you advice me if there are any good slopes that are used for this in my area? next time am flying my zagi i will try and get some pic's for you
    Thats Russ

  2. Hi Russ

    I'm not too clued up on sites in Essex, it's pretty flat round there. Don't guys fly the coast up near Corton? (I think is the name) and I think there's also Sharpen Hoe Clappers (again not sure if that's correct mane or not)
    which is somewhere near Essex.

    I'm not much help other than that I'm afraid, Essex ain't much cop for slope soaring as far as I can tell.

    Good luck