28 September 2008

Indian summer?

Where were you all? Paul and Ray hit the hill on a hot Sunday afternoon, most of the lift is thermic in origin but between 2 and 4pm if you chuck off well, you're guaranteed a good flight.

Paul maidens Ray's Sonata, crikey does this thing signal the lift! You can't beat a polyhedral light weight for thermal sniffing off the hill and the Sonata fulfils its reputation as a super little floater. It screams up in a thermal, and hangs well when nothings happening, and all this on the wrong mode!

Paul has a good forty minutes with the big wing. It's one of those days when you get to a certain height and you're into mega thermal suck, speck height just isn't a problem if that's yer ting!

Third Reich launch

What little breeze there is eventually swings round to the WWNW and the air goes lumpy and horrible, full of sink so DLG is the order of the day. Paul's got a bit of pent up frustration and launches to the lore of 'like you're trying to break it' upon which the battery beats its own path. The inevitable outcome is that he does indeed break it!

Oh well, with winter soon upon us there'll be no shortage of repair and building time so dust off your tools and start planning your projects now!

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